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For Sale
Unfortunately, we don’t have anything available right now, but we assure you we’re hard at work on changing that.
Bear with us in the meantime.
Our Crowdfunding Campaign
Our first products will be available exclusively for our crowdfunding campaign. Starting the 28th of February, our crowdfunding campaign will run until the 5th of April, so if you want to buy one of our limited-edition rewards, hurry up! They won’t last forever.
Exclusively irresistible.
Pre Collection Products
Once our crowdfunding campaign is over, we’ll start designing products in autumn. Expect a mix of unique T-shirts, sleek bracelets and chic tote bags to be available online by the end of autumn.
A taste of what’s to come.
Our 1st Collection
At Iviri we believe in doing things the right way. That’s why we don’t want to rush our design process, so we can make the best products possible! That means, however, that our first collection won’t be available before Autumn 2018.
Because good things come with time.