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What Is Iviri?
Iviri (pronounced ee-vee-ree) is a fashion House located in the city of Florence, Italy, that merges fashion with fantasy. Once our crowdfunding campaign is over, we’ll start designing our first collection this coming autumn.
A taste of the future.
How Does Iviri Work?
To ensure the best of quality, we’ll produce everything right here in Italy and sell directly online around the world. Our collections will include apparel for both men and women, jewelry, accessories and footwear.
Complexity made simple.
Why Support Iviri?
There are several reasons why you'll like Iviri. First, because our products will not only be appealing and comfortable, but promoted in a relatable way. Then, because each of our products will tell an individual story. And finally because we’ll invest in projects that improve daily urban life!
Benefitting you in different ways.