technology to your benefit

Technology That Informs
At Iviri we believe knowledge empowers. That’s why we want to become the first company to fully use the blockchain in its supply chains. That way, you’ll be entirely informed on our products (where each material comes from, its costs and ecological footprint) so you can then make the right decisions.
Understand what you buy.
Technology That Improves
At Iviri we believe quality matters. That’s why we want to use nanotechnology in small, but surprising ways to improve our products. That way we will not only increase their durability and reduce waste, but improve your health!
Enhanced quality.
Technology That Sustains
At Iviri we believe trying new materials leads to innovation. That’s why every year we’ll use at least one nontraditional material in our collections. So we can also help the environment, they’ll often be biological materials that were recycled.
Nature at its best.