our beliefs

what do you believe in?

What We Believe In
At Iviri we believe that climate change, population growth, dwindling resources and disruptive technology all threaten society if we don’t do anything about it. That’s why our mission is simple: to sell fashion products and use the profits we make to invest in projects that make our cities a better place to live in.
Creating a better future.
What We Value
In addition to sounding sexy, did you know that Iviri is actually an acronym for:

magination: because all acts of creation begin with imagination
ision: because imagination is useless if it doesn’t have a purpose
nspiration: because we can’t change the world by ourselves
esponsibility: because we all have a moral responsibility toward one another and the environment
ntegrity: because integrity is what protects us from corruption
Leading by example.
How We Work
At Iviri we believe the best way to change society is not by revolting or protesting, but by supporting companies that improve our daily lives, what we call a structural movement. That’s why we’ll invest in urban projects that provide basic human rights to local residents.
A corporation consciously supported by people.
How You Can Support Us
At Iviri we believe the best way to support responsible companies is by buying what they sell, what we call collaborative consumption. That’s why we’ll try our hardest to not only make the most appealing products we can but in the best conditions possible, so you won’t be able to resist buying them!
Consuming consciously to make the world a better place.
What We Want
At Iviri we believe everyone should be able to reach their dreams. That’s why we want to create a way to change society on a local level that can then be applied globally, what we call The Restructuration.
Basic human rights that are sustainable, free and accessible to all.