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Positions Available
At Iviri we believe in teamwork. Important issues are debated in group meetings and the feedback provided used to improve decision-making. If you’re interested in collaborating closely, having a good time and changing the world, contact us.
Demanding, but gratifying.
Right now, we’re looking for additional designers, so if you have experience in the fashion industry and want to change the way it works, let us know! Once our crowdfunding campaign is over, we’ll start designing our first collection this coming September.
Reinventing fashion.
Concept Artists
Because every year our collections will represent different places in a fictional world we created, we’ll need people to visually represent how these places look like in order to give each one a clear, distinct identity. So if you have experience worldbuilding and want to help us build a world inspired from preexisting cultures and different aspects of nature, let us know!
Portraying different ways of life.
Public Relations
We’re also looking for someone adept in social media and public communication to handle Iviri’s public image. In addition to answering consumer questions, they’ll be charged with managing Iviri’s social media and making public announcements.
Empowering with empathy.